Archival (Conference) Publications

Jain, S., Wiegreffe, S., Pinter, Y. and Wallace, B. Learning to Faithfully Rationalize by Construction. ACL 2020. PDF, code

Wiegreffe, S. and Pinter, Y. (equal contribution). Attention is not not Explanation. EMNLP 2019. Oral presentation. PDF, code, recorded talk, talk slides, non-technical blogpost

Mullenbach, J., Wiegreffe, S., Duke, J., Sun, J. and Eisenstein, J. Explainable Prediction of Medical Codes from Clinical Text. NAACL 2018. Oral presentation. PDF, code, talk slides (Google Drive)

Non-Archival (workshops, preprints)

Wiegreffe, S., Flores, G., Choi, E., and Dai, A. Learning Bi-Directional Clinical Event Representations: A Comparison of Architectures. Preprint (available upon request). 2019.

Wiegreffe, S., Choi, E., Yan, S., Sun, J. and Eisenstein, J. Clinical Concept Extraction for Document-Level Coding. BioNLP Workshop at ACL 2019. PDF, poster

Wiegreffe, S., Anderson, P. and Obeid, J. Can Classifications of Publications by Translational Categories be Automated? American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) Joint Summits on Translational Science 2017. PDF, poster